SinoFresh® Sinus and Nasal Care Spray

SinoFresh HealthCare, Inc. develops and markets products that help people mitigate chronic health problems. The company’s mandate is to be a research, technology, and commercial-products leader in the field of chronic sinus distress, a malady that affects more than 37 million Americans.

SinoFresh HealthCare was founded in 1999 leveraged a distinguished panel of medical experts and a seasoned management team with broad biopharmaceutical industry experience. The company holds several patents on its innovative pharmaceutical technology.

SinoFresh HealthCare catapulted to prominence in 2002, when it launched a beta test of its sinus spray (SinoFresh) on the west coast of Florida. SinoFresh focuses on the positive effects that may be achieved with effortless, routine care by treating the bacteria that may be causing sinus problems and allergies.