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The SinoFresh brand of products put science to work to help people live more safely in a germ-filled world. Conceived in 1999, the company saw its initial launch of SinoFresh Nasal and Sinus Spray in 2002. That product remains a leader in terms of effectiveness for relief of acute and chronic nasal and sinus issues and safety.  More recently, the company has brought together medical and scientific experts and a seasoned management team with broad pharmaceutical experience and is ready to launch additional products to help people stay healthy.  In addition to Antiseptic SinoFresh™ Nasal and Sinus Care, these new products will include SinoFresh™ KoolBLAST Throat Spray [an oral and throat antiseptic spray]; SinoFresh™ Foaming Hand and Body Sanitizer [easy to use, FDA-compliant, non-alcoholic sanitizer foam]; and in 2021, SinoFresh™ GermDefender Travel Pack [combining the preceding three products in travel-handy / TSA compliant sizes with SinoFresh™ Surface Sanitizer Wipes].


SinoFresh™ Antiseptic Nasal Spray


SinoFresh™ Kool BLAST Throat Spray


SinoFresh™ Hand & Body Sanitizer


SinoFresh™ Germ Defender Travel Pack

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