Allergic Sinusitis Symptoms

How to Relieve Allergic Sinusitis Symptoms with Homeopathic Remedy

Allergic sinusitis is a reaction to inhalants that affects nasal cavities causing stuffiness, inflammation, and painful pressure. Normally this childhood condition fades away as the child’s immunity builds up.

However, some people fail to outgrow the condition and continue to react to certain allergens into adulthood. Nasal congestion is the most irritating and uncomfortable thing about this condition. Here are symptoms of allergic sinusitis infection and possible remedies.

The pain, pressure, and irritation of sinusitis

There is a difference between allergic sinusitis and the one caused by viral or bacterial infections. Whereas they share most symptoms, allergic sinusitis causes an itchy condition in the nose, eyes, and throat.

The patient experiences nasal congestion with sneezing and a runny nose, swelling, pressure, and pain around the nose, cheeks, and forehead leading to headaches and feelings of tenderness. Patients also get easily irritated and unable to stay focused, generally exhibiting tiredness.

At times, they will experience a loss or reduced sense of taste and smell. This uncomfortable condition leads to sleep disruption causing insomnia or sleepwalking.

Diagnosing sinusitis

A professional diagnosis is necessary when the infection persists longer than two weeks to establish the cause and check if chronic. Skin tests can be done to determine what allergen triggers attacks.

An endoscopy of the nasal cavities can reveal any abnormalities in the cavities including polyps. Computed tomography or CT scan to check for any injury or abnormalities.

Managing allergic sinusitis

The easiest remedy is to avoid exposure to allergens; however, this is never that easy, especially with seasonal triggers. Faced with such a scenario, a patient needs quick relief whenever an attack happens.

There are multiple remedies available, including natural homeopathic as well as pharmaceutical preparations. Home remedies include inhaling steam to reduce congestion and the use of saline nasal sprays to help rinse congested nasal cavities for relief.

Pharmaceutical remedies include corticosteroid nasal sprays and over the counter decongestants as well as pain relievers. Antibiotics are normally prescribed for cases involving bacterial infections.

Alternative medicine has also provided non-addictive homeopathic nasal sprays that are prepared from herbs and are 100% natural. These are packaged in handy spray bottles and are less irritating to the mucosal lining in the nose.

Treating chronic sinusitis

At times home remedies and prescription pharmaceuticals may fail to provide needed relief. At this stage, sinusitis is considered chronic and may cause the patient great discomfort and interfere with the quality of life.

Chronic symptoms could include nasal bleeding, swelling, and extreme pain. For treatment or relief of the symptoms, caregivers will advise other forms of medical intervention. Balloon Sinuplasty is one such medical procedure that can reduce the suffering of the patient.

The procedure is less invasive and involves the insertion of small balloons to expand the sinus openings. This helps to restore drainage, reducing congestion and bleeding.

In extreme cases, surgery may be necessary and this is performed using the endoscopic procedure to reach the inner cavities. Endoscopic surgery is especially good for the excision of problem tissues and polyps.

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