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“Don't Hit The Road Without The Germ Defender Travel Kit. You'll be thankful to have it every-time you sit on a plane, hop in a cab or enter a hotel room, I know i am. ”

– Kevin Harrington, Original Shark From ABC’s Hit TV Show Shark Tank Tweet

Why SinoFresh® Germ Defender Kit

SinoFresh’s Germ Defender Travel Kit provides the tools needed to protect your self from the common germs that surround us at work, at play, at home – and –  when traveling!   It is hard to believe but most certainly true: most respiratory tract, nasal, sinus, and throat infections are caused by germs that are inhaled through the nose or the mouth.

The four products in our Germ Defender Travel Kit can help you fight off these germs. Included is our Sinus and Nasal Care Antiseptic nasal spray to defend your nose and sinuses. Our KoolBlast Antiseptic throat spray to defend the back of your throat and other oral surfaces. For those times when germs get picked up on your hands and then inadvertently transferred to your mouth, eyes or nose, our SinoFresh Foaming Hand Sanitizer is a great inclusion and fragrance free.

This has an FDA recognized active antimicrobial ingredient that scientific studies have shown kills germs more rapidly and keeps doing so far longer than alcohol and does not dry or irritate your skin or smell. Our sanitizing wipes have the same active ingredient but in a handy wipe format.

Have greater peace of mind knowing that the germ defense armada in our SinoFresh Germ Defender Travel Kit is there to help protect you from the germs you will meet with every day.  Whose germs are you taking home? Pack the kit and leave them behind!

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Facts About SinoFresh®

FAST ACTING: SinoFresh Nasal and Sinus Care acts fast to bring relief. Many users report relief within minutes.

ALTERNATIVE: An over-the-counter solution with a cleansing formula used across the globe.

NON-DROWSY: No sleep-inducing ingredients so you can use it with peace of mind.

NON-ADDICTIVE: Our ingredients are non-habit forming so you can use our product stress-free.

REFRESHING: The cool mint solution leaves you soothed, refreshed and invigorated, with results in minutes!

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