SinoFresh™ Kool BLAST Throat Spray

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SinoFresh™ Kool Blast Throat Spray delivers a cool, minty blast of germ-killing solution deep to the back of the throat where bacteria can escape basic oral hygiene efforts. The mouth is widely known as a common invasion point for airborne organisms. Many of these organisms can result in infection and illness. SinoFresh™ Daily Throat Spray is the first throat spray specifically designed as a daily preventive care routine.



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The compact size of SinoFresh™ Kool Blast Throat Spray means you can take it anywhere for a quick blast of protection when you find yourself in crowded environments or poorly ventilated areas like airplanes, schools, and offices. Already have a cold or sore throat? SinoFresh™ Kool Blast cools and soothes sensitive throat tissue. SinoFresh™ Kool Blast Throat Spray is also an effective breath freshener when brushing or gargling is inconvenient.

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