Proper Use Instructions


SinoFresh Nasal and Sinus Care spray is an antiseptic, homeopathic spray that is designed to reach the nasal passages and into the sinuses. Every breath you take brings bacteria, mold, viruses into the nasal passages and sinuses. Some of these can be harmful. SinoFresh nasal spray triggers your body to kill and remove such germs.  Also in every breath are dust particles, pollen, soot and other allergens that lodge in the nasal passages and sinuses. SinoFresh nasal spray helps flush out such dirt and allergens as well as germs. These actions help your nose and sinuses maintain a normal, healthy state, thereby reducing nasal and sinus problems.

To maximize the effectiveness of SinoFresh, you should use it regularly (twice each day is recommended) to relieve sinus and nasal problems. SinoFresh treats the cause of sinus and nasal problems  on contact. As such, regular use ensures maximum relief.

The following steps are how to correctly use SinoFresh Nasal and Sinus Care. The procedure is recommended at least twice each day: when you awake and shortly before you go to bed.

    1. Remove the dust cap and safety clip. Do not attempt to use the dispenser prior to placing it on the bottle.
    2. When you first use SinoFresh, or when you have not used the spray for several days, the pump may need to be primed. Press down on the sprayer tabs while your thumb supports the bottle, then, gently depress the sprayer with the forefinger and middle finger until a fine mist appears (see illustration – Prime Sprayer).
    3. With your head tilted slightly back, insert the sprayer nozzle firmly into the left nostril and depress three or four times (see illustration below).
    4. Repeat this step for the right nostril. You may will feel residual liquid flowing into the back of your throat. Aggressively inhale through your nose in short, spirited breaths with a noise.
    5. The excess fluid may accumulate in the back of your throat. If so, it can be gotten rid by blowing your nose and/or spitting out the mixture. If congestion persists in the back of your throat or nose, you can repeat the process.

Note: As with any new healthcare regimen, the spray may feel obtrusive at first. This is normal and the body will quickly adjust. Post-care: To clean the nozzle, remove the plastic dust cap and gently pull upward until the nozzle pulls free. Wash the nozzle and dust cap under cold water and replace by gently snapping the nozzle back into place.

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